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Saturday, February 16, 2013

So I must confess I am totally stealing this idea from one of favorite blogs, Lena B, Actually. I love reading Lena's blog and when I saw her interview with her children (found here)  I just knew I had to steal it:) After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... Right???? :) 

So, I sat down with the kiddos and asked them their opinions about love and Valentine's day!!! 
Please keep in mind Jonathon will be 6 years old next Friday and Bella is 4 years old. 

Why do we celebrate Valentine's Day?
Bella: "For Jesus and everyone we love"
Jonathon: "It's Jesus' birthday"
Me: "That's Christmas buddy"
Jonathon: "Everyday is Jesus' day" 

What does "true love" mean? 
Bella: "it means that we love you" 
Jonathon: "it means we love each other and get married" 

What does it mean to be "in love"? 
Bella: "you kiss"
Jonathon: "you get married" 

When do people get married?
Bella: "July 5th"  - at first I was shocked she was so specific but then I realized that is the date of a relatives wedding that we are attending this summer... proof that your children are ALWAYS listening.
Jonathon: "Are you going to ask any boy questions?" "I don't want to talk about this stuff" 

How old do you have to be to get married?
Bella: "20"
Jonathon: "18"

What do you love the most?
Bella: "Mommy" 
Jonathon: "Skylanders"

Who is your favorite couple?
Bella: "Mommy and Daddy"
Jonathon: "Grandma and Papa"

What is your favorite love song?
Bella: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
Jonathon: (breaks out into song) "Baby my love for you... is like the price of tires... it is high... on this here  tractor" :) LOL this kid cracks me up:)

go to 7:55 on the video and you will completely understand!!!! LOL 

What do people do when they go out on a date?
Bella: "When me and Daddy go on dates we go to Build A Bear and for steak and salad, because that's what I said I wanted to do" 
Jonathon: "dinner... and I don't like going to dinner because it is soooo borrringggg" 
Me: "Well what would you want to do on a date?"
Jonathon: "Play video games or hockey" " or play with toys... but not girl toys"

How do people act when they are in love?
Bella: "they go out to dinner and hug a lot" 
Jonathon: "they are nice to each other"

Why did Mommy and Daddy get married?
Bella: "you married David because he liked you" (she laughed when she said David, she was so proud of herself for knowing/using his real name)
Jonathon: "you married Daddy because you thought you were in love with him" LOL (thought)

Are you going to get married some day?
Bella: "No because I don't want to"
Jonathon: "Yes I'm going to marry Mommy"

What do you want your boyfriend or girlfriend to be like? (confused faces)
Me: "like smart, funny, nice, pretty"
Jonathon: "I want her to like video games" 
Bella: "I don't want a boyfriend. I just like Jonny and Daddy and Daddy says I can't like boys"

So there you have it!!! My kiddos and their take on LOVE!!!! Aren't they just the cutest??

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5 Responses to “LOVE by Jonathon & Bella Boozer”

  1. Love it!!! They are so cute!
    Thank you for doing this, I loved reading their answers... Made me giggle! :)

    1. Aw I'm glad you liked it! and thank you so much for the idea:) and for being cool enough not to yell at me for stealing it!!! :)

  2. That is so cute! I laughed out loud a cople times too-the out there answers and the truthful answers are so funny(: Your hubby might be happy she said she can't have a boyfriend because daddy said so...
    I love that you documented this to have

  3. I love that you have this documented! Their answers made me laugh out loud and Jonnys made me cry with nana and papa(:
    I bet your hubby likes Bella's answer too(;
    So Cute!

    1. Thanks Chacoy:) I loved when Jonny said he would marry me! LOL
      I'm glad I documented it too... it will be fun to look back and see how they change.


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