Happy 2015 Old Friends

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Well hello there strangers. It has been too long.
I have missed this little old blog of mine for quite some time now
 but life was crazy and lets face it there are just not enough hours in the day.
2014 came and went and now a NEW YEAR means new challenges, new goals, new failures and new triumphs  and I am ready for it all. I'm ready to soak in 2015 and all its goodness. I'm ready for big things and I can't wait to share it all with you.
So here is to a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilled 2015!!!
Check out some of the goodies I have coming your way really soon...

A few of my favorites from Jonny's room. Can you guess what any of them are? 

And here are a few of my favorites that I've been working on in other rooms in the house. 

I promise I will be back really soon with more pics and details. Until then.... What have you all been working on? 


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My 10 Must Haves for Your Car Survival Kit

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Special thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today's post. 

So the Boozer Family got their first official NEW Car... LIKE EVER!

And let's just say I am more then excited. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time considering summer vacation is just getting started and we are already a bunch of busy bees. 
If you know my family, you know that we practically lived out of our old car. We are always going from one sporting practice or game to the next and a million things in between. And while a new car is great, so it having all of the essentials available to you while you are out and that is why I put together a  "Survival Kit" for the car. 

1. Boogie Wipes are a must have because lets face it... kids get snotty. 

2. Blanket... My kids are still young enough that there is the possibility that they will fall asleep in the car, which I am all for, so if a blankie will help then by all means give the kid a blankie. 

3. Chapstick-  Duh... because we have all had that moment where are lips are starting to get chapped and we keep licking them (because we forgot our chapstick) only to make them worse.

4. Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths On the Go Pack and Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper- Simply Put because they are the BEST OF THE BEST! and you never know when you have to go. 
#LetsTalkBums My kiddos love the wet+dry combo and you will too.

5. First Aid Kit- YUP! My kids are an accident waiting to happen.

6. Sunscreen- When you have a blond little peanut like me with Snow White skin you learn to be prepared. 

7. Hand Sanitizer. Please refer to #1... Kids are gross. 

8. Umbrella- I wouldn't want to get my hair wet.    my precious cargo wet. 

9. Headache Medicine- Yes my kids are amazing. Yes I love them more then anything in the world. And Yes they still manage to give me an almost constant headache. Don't judge me! 

10. Small Flashlight... My KIDS are scared of the dark... not me! 

So there you have it... My 10 MUST HAVES for your summer car trips. Whether it's a long trip or a quick ride down the street, it never hurts to be prepared! Hope you all are having a fantastic summer!

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Bing in the Classroom

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thank you to Bing for supporting today's discussion. As always the opinion is 100% my own. 

Let's face it. We are living in a world that is driven by technology. Kids today are watching videos and playing games on the Internet before they are even able to talk. As a mom I am always fearful of what my little ones could accidentally click on or what might pop up during one of their videos even in the classroom.  I happen to be my son's homeroom mom and spend a significant amount of time in the classroom where the kids are each given computer time. With all of those students and only a few adults you can imagine it wouldn't take long for even a 1st grader to stumble upon something they shouldn't or even get distracted by all the pop ups and ads happening on the page.

That is why Bing in the Classroom is such an amazing opportunity for schools. 

"In schools, when students use search engines other than Bing, they are shown ads that can distract from their studies. With Bing in the Classroom, all advertising is removed, there are strict filters for adult content, and enhanced privacy protection. 

Along with providing educational enhancements, Bing in the Classroom removes ads and blocks searches from being used for personalized advertising for all Bing searches done through the school’s network, making Bing the only major search engine to provide a search offering tailored specifically for the classroom. 

Please note: As a part of the program, all searches performed with Bing in the Classroom will be ad free, however, websites discovered and visited via search will still provide ads. Students will not be served ads in the Bing experience."

Bing is offering #adfreesearch for all schools. This will include the removal of all advertising, strict filters for adult content, and also enhanced privacy protection.

Bing has made it so easy to support your school with their Bing Rewards program. It allows people to earn Surface Tablets for the school of their choice simply by signing up and searching with Bing. It is so easy. You can search for a school by zip code and even see how many people are contributing. I encourage you to sign up and make sure you spread the word to your friends and family and have them help out your local schools as well.

Here is some simple instruction for signing up!

"To begin supporting schools with Bing rewards, simply visit the campaign landing page and select “Find your school” map in the lower right corner of the page. 

Next, enter your school’s zip code and select the name of your school via the dropdown menu and select “Find”. 

From here, select the “Support Your School” section and click on the “Try it now, FREE!” section. You’ll be prompted to create a Microsoft account, or sign in with your Facebook account. All you have to do is stay signed in as you search with Bing to earn credits."

I am so thankful for Bing and their support of our children and their education. 
Let's all work together to keep our kiddos safe and happy on the Internet.  

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Yoplait vs. Chobani Taste Off

Thursday, May 8, 2014


If I am being completely honest I have never been a fan of Greek yogurt. I had tried Chobani multiple times and just never saw what all the hype was about, but when Yoplait introduced there Greek yogurt and set out to do a Taste Off, how could I resist getting in on the action. 

This was a blind taste test so I emptied the yogurts out of the containers into glass bowls and stirred them up! You can immediately tell the difference in color. The Yoplait is much more pink and has a much sweeter smell. The Chobani doesn't have much color and the smell did nothing for me. It reminded me more of a cream cheese smell then anything else.

So I started with my Mom... She buys Chobani regularly and had already proclaimed it the winner before we even began. After trying them both, she surprised herself by choosing Yoplait as the winner!
She said it had a much smoother and a more sweet flavor to it.  She is also a Weight Watchers girl and LOVED that the Yoplait had the points labeled right on the container! 

Now onto the next generation... This is my niece and her bestie. 
My niece is like my mom and swears by Chobani as well but after the taste test she realized what she was missing. Both of these two beauties preferred the flavor of Yoplait over the Chobani. 
They both agreed that the texture and the sweetness of the Yoplait is what set it apart. 

And then it was onto the tiny tots... First up was my nephew who is basically a human garbage disposal. He will literally eat anything!! He insisted upon eating both the entire Chobani and the entire Yoplait before making a decision.  :) So we all sat waiting patiently for his highness to rule over his favorite. It did not take him long. He ate the Chobani and then only a few bites into the Yoplait he started giggling and proclaimed that he "likes this one wayyyy more". After they were both finished he said he liked the Yoplait more because it tasted more like dessert. 

Next was Bella's turn... She is not much of a yogurt fan unless it comes in a frozen tube so I was skeptical if she would actually go through with it. 
 She is like her Mommy and if it doesn't smell good... She isn't interested! 
She smelled the Yoplait and the Chobani and immediately explained that she was not going to try the Chobani because it smelled yucky! She did eat about half of the Yoplait and said that it was yummy and she liked that she could see more fruit in it. Although she didn't try the Chobani, Yoplait was clearly that hands down winner for her. 

So there you have it!!! Yoplait was clearly the winner in our neck of the woods. 
Yoplait Greek 100 comes in 12 delicious flavors. "Try the better tasting Greek! In a national taste test, Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry beat Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry. 
So whether you swear by Chobani or if you are on Team Yoplait... I say go for it!!! Take the challenge. Join the taste off... You never know what you might be missing out on. 

***This post is sponsored by Yoplait, but the opinions are 100% my own. I would never share anything with you guys if I didn't absolutely LOVE it. ***

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you! 
Happy Birthday One Artsy Mama... Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Today I have an extra special treat for you guys! 
Amy from One Artsy Mama who is a bloggy friend of mine as well as a HUGE  inspiration for me personally is celebrating her blogs 3rd Birthday with an extra special giveaway! 
and Bella Caiden was lucky enough to get in on the fun!

Since One Artsy Mama is turning 3 years old, Amy is giving away not one but THREE PRIZES!
Each of the prizes will be a gift card to the winner's choice : 
Target, Starbucks, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Amazon!!! 

Winner #1 will receive a $150 gift card
Winner #2 will receive a $50 gift card
Winner #3 will receive a $20 gift card
How awesome is that!?!?!? AHHHHH I'm bursting with excitement!!!! 

So hurry and enter for your chance to win!!! 
And don't forget to stop by One Artsy Mama and wish her a 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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File This One Under SUCCESS

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Who doesn't love a good up-cycle? I know I sure do. 
And we can "file" this one under SUCCESS!! (I crack myself up) LoL  
This week we had a few sunny days (WOOHOO) so I decided to tackle my mess of a garage and to help me get organized I turned an ordinary filing cabinet into an awesome storage solution!

Filing Cabinets are extremely inexpensive ($29 at Walmart) but can often be found at yard sales/Goodwill/etc for even cheaper and can be used in so many different ways. 
I was lucky enough to have this one given to me from a good friend! (Thanks Naomi)

There is obviously no tutorial needed for this one! I just removed the drawers, added a few coats of spray paint, tipped it on its back, and stuffed it with goodies. 

I am so excited about the way it turned out. It was the PERFECT solution to our hockey stick mess! (My son and hubby are a bit obsessed) and as an added bonus it also holds all of our rakes and shovels. 
A little bit of work and a little bit of play :) 

Now the only question that remains is how on earth with I use these leftover drawers???
Hmmm... You will have to stay tuned to find out! 

(notice there is still plenty of garage mess to clean up) booooo
My name is Shannon and I am a hoarder. 


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Beauty Mark Bobbles- $20 GIVEAWAY

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Today I am sharing the COOLEST Etsy Shop with you guys. 
Beauty Mark Bobbles is a fabulous Etsy Shop that sells handmade crochet items for kids. 
I promise one look at the shop and you will fall in love! I know I have.

Beauty Mark Bobbles does not sell your typical crochet items. Jenn is the owner and creator at the shop and she makes amazing items that really excite your kids imaginations. She was sweet enough to let our family try out her travel hockey set. If you know my son you know how OBSESSED he is with hockey so this was the perfect thing for him! 

The second the hockey set arrived the kids could not wait to try it out. We wasted no time getting it set up. The set is amazing. It comes with two nets, 2 sticks, 5 pucks, and a bag to carry it all in. It is the perfect size. It fits in my purse nicely so we have been taking it with us almost everywhere we go. It has been a lifesaver in restaurants where my children seem to have the least patience. 

It's so fun to watch the kids playing together. Jonny has dreams of being a hockey player but he also loves to commentate the games and he has been getting plenty of practice calling the games play by play with his sister. 

The quality of the hockey set is fantastic!!! I don't know a lot about crocheting but I know about durability when it comes to kids toys. This hockey set has had plenty of hours of play. We fold up the nets and put everything into the bag when we are done playing and everytime we get it back out it is simple to set up! The set looks the same as it did the day it arrived which is amazing with my kiddos. 

I couldn't be more impressed with Beauty Mark Bobbles. 
The variety of the items in the shop is really what draws me in. As a hockey/gymnastics mom it isn't always easy to find toys that tailor to those sports, but Jenn doesn't disappoint. 
Look at this awesome gymnast set! Bella is dying to get it. 

And the kids have been eyeing up these crochet food items for their play kitchen as well! 
I am adding them to their Christmas lists as we speak... 
(that's right, it's March and I'm working on Christmas lists) :) 

Smore Set... Perfect for the Spring/Summer nights! 

And Sushi!!! LOVE it!

Jenn is so awesome she is giving one LUCKY Bella Caiden reader a $20 shop credit! 

HURRY HURRY HURRY and enter for a chance to win! 
and make sure you check out Beauty Mark Bobbles and send Jenn some LOVE!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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