Bathroom Reveal... Ta Da!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Well the BIG Bathroom Makeover is finally complete!!!! 
And I have to say I am in LOVE with how in turned out.  <3
I love that we were able to make such a tiny space feel so light and spacious! 
What do you think?

Check out all of the before pics HERE and some pics along the way HERE! 

Such a huge difference the floors alone made. The faux wood ceramic tiles are AMAZING!
Special thanks to our friend, Kevin, who came over with his wet saw and
 helped my hubby lay this beautiful flooring! You rock! 

New vanity and mirror with PLENTY of storage! 

Remember these lovely holes we had in the wall from my son attempting to do pull ups from the towel bar?
After dry wall and a fresh coat of paint the wall looks as good as new:)
This time we were sure to go with some towel hooks so there would be no mistaking the
bathroom for the gym! :)

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen a sneak peek of my FAVORITE thing in the kids'  bathroom... I just adore these fun paintings that my kiddos made all by themselves. 

After some whining convincing my hubby finally saw it my way and agreed to remove the closet door for a more open look. I am so happy with this decision. The handle of the bathroom door and the closet door were constantly banging into each other and the doors were getting all scratched up. After removing the door and adding new trim to the opening and the remaining bathroom door I love how they tie together now and really change the look of the bathroom.

There are so many fun little touches in this bathroom that make it so personal and fun. From the paintings on the wall to the birds on the ceiling and everything in between. We bought this house when Jonathon was only 10 months old and so both of my kiddos have grown up here. Since they were babies I would always put them in the bathtub and when it was time to wash their hair I would always say... "Where do birdies fly?"  "Do you see birdies up there?" Then they would always look up! As they got older they realized the reason I was saying it, but they never admit it... they always act silly and look up. Sometimes they tell me they see birdies or maybe even an elephant hiding behind the light :) They were sooooo excited to finally have a few birdies flying around in their bathroom! 

I don't think I could be more happy with how the bathroom turned out! 
It is by far my favorite room in the entire house :)  Let me know what you think! 

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5 Responses to “Bathroom Reveal... Ta Da! ”

  1. Wow, the colors are so fun, turned out great! Awesome job! :)

  2. Huge change! Love it. We are tackling our bathroom this weekend and we got ceramic wood tiles as well. I'm excited! Great job. Coming over from TT&J.

  3. Awesome makeover! I love that tile! Hope you can link up to my party!

  4. Gorgeous makeover! I love the stripe wall and floors. But that shower curtain is show stopper! Gorgeous!

  5. There is nothing better than a reno-ed bathroom. Yours looks great!


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