Bathroom Update

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ok time for a quick little bathroom update...

Last time we talked we had just gutted the entire bathroom and it went
from this... to this....

For more before pics and all the gory details check here! 

So an eternity (or maybe just a month) has gone by now and we have made "some progress".
I am a little impatient... can you tell? 
We checked lots of BIG things off of our to-do list and I feel like we are finally in the home stretch. I am so excited to get started on all the fun details! I am hoping to be back next week with the final reveal! 
Stay tuned!!!

Our bathroom now looks like this.
Yup!!! I'm pretty sure the bathtub is currently serving the purpose of a trash can! 

Don't mind the white goo in the tile cracks...
 that's the grout sealer and I snapped these photos before it was dry. 

New lights. New exhaust fan. Fresh Paint (and stripes... woohoo).
New Floors- my favorite part! I grouted them all by myself!!!! New window. 

All the trim and and baseboards will be finished tomorrow and ready for a coat of paint. 
Then it's time to make her pretty!!! 

Bathroom To-Do List:
1. rip out the old flooring
2. remove the old vanity, counter-top, medicine cabinet, and light fixture
3. HVAC- move the heat vent off of the floor
4.  Plumbing- change out some water lines, and move some pipes (I think), raise the toilet drain, etc. 
5. replace the existing window with a new one
6. replace the exhaust fan and add some recessed lights and an extra receptacle
7. fix the drywall 
8. paint the ceiling and walls
9. install the new flooring- ceramic tile planks
10. new window and door trim and baseboards
11. install new vanity, mirror, and toilet- already purchased just needs to be installed
12. Closet-???? get rid of it? change it???? this is TBD...
Decision: No more pesky closet door! I sure hope this decision works out:)
13. DECORATE- new shower curtain, window treatment, towel holders, other pretty stuff:)

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