Happy Erf Day!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy day after Earth Day everyone! (or Erf day- as my kiddos would say) Did everyone do something extra special yesterday to celebrate our amazing planet? and NO going to Target for your free reusable shopping bag does not count:) LOL
Daddy and Bella watching the Flyers game!!!!
Well here in Amish Country the weather was horrible yesterday...Cloudy, cold, and raining all day but we tried to make the best of it!!! So after watching our AWESOME Philadelphia Flyers kick the Penguins tushies all the way back to Pittsburgh the kiddos and I decided to do something fun to celebrate the day.  I had planned to spend the day working on my flower beds and fixing up my yard, but the rain ruined that plan so instead the kids and I decided to make some biodegradable bird feeders!!

In previous posts you may have heard me say that this past fall and winter were not so good to us. You  may have read where I was whining about the damage Hurricane Irene did to our home and property, but we also dealt with a freak snow storm in October which also caused a bunch of damage. We had a big beautiful shade tree in our back yard which we absolutely loved that was brought down by the snow in October. It was still covered in leaves and when the snow and ice came and piled on top of the leaves the tree just couldn't hold the weight. We were so bummed and so were all of our little birdie friends, so we thought we would try to cheer them up:)

We used the centers of toilet paper rolls and smothered them with peanut butter!! YUM!!!! nothing says yummy like peanut butter on a toilet paper roll:)

 For those of you who know my daughter, it was all I could do to keep her from licking the toilet paper roll. Peanut butter is her absolute FAVORITE thing to eat and she was soooo excited
that the birdies would like it too:)
Then we rolled the peanut butter in bird seed that we picked up from a local store for $2.99.
Once all the peanut butter was covered we pushed a piece of jute through the roll and tied them in a knot. For now they are hanging from the flower pot hooks on my front porch (avoiding the rain) but hopefully once the sun is back we will hang them out in the yard from a tree. The entire project took like 10 minutes and my kids absolutely LOVED it, they ran to the windows throughout the entire day hoping to spot a birdie eating from them. No luck yet, but I am sure once the rain settles down they will love them! (I'll try to catch a picture if I can)

So that was our Earth Day project!!! Nothing too over the top, but at least we had a good time!!! :)

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One Response to “Happy Erf Day!!”

  1. Very cute!!! My oldest did a pinecone bird feeder with peanut butter!!!!


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