Simple & Affordable Earring Storage

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hi, my name is Shannon and I have a jewelry addiction.
It's sad, but it's true. In a previous life I was one of those "jewelry ladies" that annoyed my friends and family to hold parties and buy overpriced costume jewelry.
Now it's years later and all I have to show for it is a ton of jewelry that never seems to get worn. 
(it just seems a bit to dressy for my everyday sweat pant and t-shirt attire) 
Apparently putting a necklace on with your pajamas does NOT count as getting dressed...
or at least that is what my husband tells me.

So I recently decided to conquer the chaos and find some affordable solutions to my jewelry organization needs. I decided to conquer the earrings first since when I do want to wear a pair I can never find a match. There is no tutorial needed for this quick solution. It is simply an embroidery hoop and some gorgeous lace or any beautiful fabric for that matter.

I will give you this suggestion though.... If you use lace it is usually a bit thin and tends to slip out of the embroidery hoop even when it is extremely tight. I just cut the fabric large enough that I could use a bit of hot glue to attach it to the back side of the hoop. It worked like a charm!

I just love how the earrings look and how incredibly easy they are to find. Plus it can be personalized for any space. I could totally see using different size hoops and different color fabrics to help organize earrings by color or style.
So many options depending on how many pairs you have and what your style is.
I can't wait to hang mine inside of my closet and load it up with more earrings. I promise I will share those pictures with you when it happens! :) 

What do you think? How do you store your jewelry?
I will be back soon with some more easy and affordable storage solutions for all those necklaces and bracelets you have all knotted up and tangled in your jewelry box! 

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One Response to “Simple & Affordable Earring Storage”

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!!
    Unfortunately, all my jewels are just thrown in my jewelry box in my closet:(
    but I am able to display them beautifully now!!


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