woMAN Cave!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Okay, the time has come... This mama needs a woMAN cave!!!

I have a LOT of stuff and no space in my house that's really "mine" to store it. 
(and to be honest I think everyone is sick and tired of my stuff being ALL OVER THE PLACE! )
So the decision was made, I am officially taking over our 
junk room formal living room as my "craft room/office" 

As you can see this room wasn't getting much use besides storing all of junk and leftover furniture that doesn't have a home. It happens to be the first room you see when you walk into our home, yet the room itself was messy, uninviting and really had no purpose
So first things first... We needed to lose the big bulky couch so we had some room to work. 

Looking better already... but then I moved my "craft cabinet" down and decided to CLEAN it out:)

That was a whole new disaster! :( 
I knew right away that the entertainment center that I was using to house all of my crafting goodies was not going to cut it. So after searching online for weeks I finally decided I wanted to take the 1.5 hour trip IKEA to see what sort of options they had and to check out the quality in person.
So my mom and I, and two kiddos loaded up and were on our way!!! 
We had the BEST TIME!!! IKEA is seriously like Disney World for grownups:) 

We left with LOTS of goodies!!!
So everyone knows I have absolutely NO patience so the second I got home I ripped into my boxes and got busy assembling. (right on top of all of the junk that was already in the floor:) 

I decided to go with the Ikea Expedit Shelving and the attached work desk. The work desk was out of stock but Bella and I assembled the shelving in less then an hour and my hunky hubby got to work anchoring it to the wall. This thing is SUPER SUPER heavy so anchoring it was definitely a necessity with our little monkeys running around. 

I couldn't be more impressed with the quality for the price. This piece is a bit more modern then my usual furniture choices but I LOVE all the storage it provides and I can't wait to add all of my stuff and make it more my "ME". 
 My mom ran back to IKEA a few days later and was able to pick up the desk top for me!!! 
Isn't she the best??!?

All of my "junk" got moved to the dining room for the time being! I  can't wait to show you all the finished craft room/ office!!!! Soon, very soon.... I hope:) 

Look at that... After 6 years in this house I finally managed to hang not 1 but 2 pictures on the wall!! 

So what do you guys think? 
I know there is still a lot of work to do, but I am in LOVE with the progress!!!!
Have you ever been to IKEA? Own any IKEA furniture? Do you LOVE it???


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2 Responses to “woMAN Cave!!! ”

  1. We have that for Chad's games! We also have two smaller ones. And this summer I bought one for my closet in the spare bedroom!

  2. Oh, I can NOT wait to see it all finished with your style and goodies packed inside of it!!! (Squealing!!!)


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