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Friday, January 17, 2014

Hello there Bloggy World! Hope everyone is doing well! 
I know I have been a little MIA lately but I am back and have some super fun projects to share with you guys. So lets get started with my new (and super inexpensive) DIY Plate Wall.

So my dining room is kind of small... ok it's actually REALLY small,  but to be honest it just works for us! We don't use it very often but we wanted to make it a beautiful space for when we do.  

Here is the space before... ( so sad ) 

And you can read all about my gorgeous new mirror here...

 That still left me with this small wall directly across from the mirror and beside the entryway into the kitchen. I played around with several ideas for the wall including my giant spoon and fork, some framed photos, and even a hanging herb garden (but since I seem to kill every plant I get I quickly decided against that)! and eventually decided on a plate wall.

It took me a few months to shop around for plates that I liked. The plates came from local thrift shops, the Goodwill, and even Walmart and Target and ranged in price from .10 cents to $3.50 a plate but I absolutely LOVE each of them.  After I had all the plates that I liked it was time to hang them and since my cheapness would not allow me to spend $2.00+ a piece for the Invisible Disc hangers I decided to DIY it and couldn't be happier with how they turned out. 

The supplies were simple and cheap and I had them on hand which was perfect. 
You'll need a paperclip, hot glue, some felt, and scissors.
I started by using my scissors to widen the end of the paperclip. I did this so the plate would easily slide over the screws in the wall. 

Here is what the widened paperclips looked liked for me. 
They may not be pretty but they definitely get the job done! 

Then I put some hot glue ( a decent amount) onto the plate and pushed the paperclip down into it.
Make sure you put the glue and paperclip on the plate in the spot you would like to be at the top, especially if you are using plates with a scene or photo so they do not hang upside down.

While that was drying I cut some circles out of felt by tracing a glass and cutting it out. 
I then put a generous amount of glue onto the felt circle and pressed it down onto the plate right over the bottom of the paperclip. You can see from the photo above that I put the paperclip on the inner ring on the plate. This made is so much easier when hanging them. 

Once I had all of the plates ready to hang I decided to "wing it" when hanging them. I started with the square plate in the middle. I held it up where I wanted it and put a screw into the wall and hung the plate. Then I went from there and continued to hang them one by one. The plates range in size and weight but I have NO DOUBT that the paperclip hangers will last forever! They have been hanging for over a month now and are absolutely perfect! 

This entire project including the plates cost less then $20 and
 I love how it livens up the room with its bright colors and patterns. 
I love that this project isn't really "finished" I can always add or rearrange plates in the future! 
What do you all think? 

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2 Responses to “DIY Plate Wall”

  1. That is a GENIUS DIY plate hanger!!
    I Love, Love, Love the plate wall & all the colours!!

  2. adorable and I love your tip for hanging it!


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