Arts & Crafts Birthday Party

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Every once in a while one of my children does something that makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy.
It happened just last month when my beautiful little princess told me that she wanted to have an Arts & Crafts Birthday Party... oh, be still my heart!

Isn't she just amazing!?!??!

Ok let's get down to business... I made some quick and simple invitations using paint sample cards from the local hardware store. It was easy enough. I just added a strip of hot glue to both sides and along the bottom and put the back sides of two cards together to create an "envelope" or pocket. I embellished the front a little and added a piece of paper inside the pocket with all the party details! We handed them out at school and all the kids thought they were great! (Most did Bella) and they didn't cost me a thing.

When the kids arrived at the party they were each given an apron to decorate. We had fabric markers, glitter, stickers, and everything in between for the kids to use to create.
The aprons were super affordable and a decent quality for the price. You can find them here

Once the aprons were finished the kids got to work on there "paper" dolls. ( They are not really paper, more like thin cardboard) These were GREAT!!! I purchased them from Michael's. They came in packs of 10 for just a few dollars so I got a boy pack and a girl pack. The kids ALL LOVED them. They colored them and painted them. They added googly eyes and pom poms, stickers, and glitter.

After the dollies the kids started getting hungry so we took a break to dive into some yummy food! 
and then we were back to the crafting!

The next project on the list was some DIY puzzles!!!! Boy were these a hit! The girls loved coloring the puzzles and creating fun patterns with the pieces. The puzzles I purchased can be found here! They were amazing quality! We have purchased similar ones before but had issues with the pieces ripping when you took them apart. That was NOT the case with these at all.

The kids had a fun time decorating the bags:) and they were the perfect size for the puzzles.

After the puzzles we took another break to enjoy some cake and open up presents. This was Bella's 5th birthday and while crafting is definitely her "thing" it was not for all of the girls so it worked out well taking breaks to enjoy other things in between the arts and crafts. 

We finished up the celebration with some water color paintings!
I bought each little there very own water color tray found here! and everyone got a canvas (10 pack found at Michael's) to create whatever they wanted! They had such a good time painting and it was so fun to see all of there different personalities in there pictures.
 Some could sit and paint for hours and some were done in just minutes! 
But I am certain they all had a great time! 

I forgot to mention the fun "Paintbrushes" we made for the party. I found these on Pinterest a while ago with a detailed recipe for making the rice krispy treats and the icing but that didn't happen around here. I used some individually wrapped Kellogg's brand rice krispy treats and pushed them onto some popsicle sticks I found at the Dollar Tree. I also used some good old Betty Crocker icing. :) I scooped a few tablespoons into separate bowls and stirred in my food coloring. Then microwaved each bowl for about 5-8 seconds just to make it a little more runny. (I put the first one in for 10 seconds and it was way to runny: you have been warned) Then I simply dipped the "Paintbrushes" into the "paint" and laid them onto a place to cool! The kiddos LOVED LOVED LOVED these!!! Especially Jonathon... Can you tell? :)

My kiddos and their cousins! 

For some fun decorations I used plastic table clothes from the Dollar Tree and attached them to the ceiling. Then made some colored pom poms to hang from the center. So simple and so AFFORDABLE!!! 

Even after everyone had left she was STILLLLL crafting!!!!!!!!!!! 
I am one proud mama!!!! 

I could not be happier with Bella's Arts and Crafts Birthday Party! We all had a fantastic time and most importantly so did Bella :) I still can't believe she is five... boy does time fly! 


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