Rose Art Magic Fun Dough Party

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I have finally found the PERFECT gift for your toddler this holiday season! 
Rose Art Magic Fun Dough Kits are a fun way to bring your child's imagination to life! 
We recently had the amazing opportunity to try out the Fairy Tea Party and the Volcano Valley kit 
and they did NOT disappoint. 

While the kiddos were at school I set up both of the kits which was surprisingly easy. It took me less then 10 minutes to have everything ready to go! 

Bella was so excited to get dressed in her princess dress and get started! 

And the boys absolutely LOVED making the volcano erupt! They could not stop laughing. 

Bella of course loved squishing out the tea!

and "drinking" it!!! She says it is delicious:) 

These kits are great! They even come with transfer images that can be applied to the dough... a sort of "temporary tattoo" for the dough! All the kids had a blast applying the images. It was simple enough they could do it themselves (which made them happy). 

The steps are so easy. 
1. You roll the dough out with the roller which IS INCLUDED in the kit! 
2. Then you remove the plastic from the image and lay it face down on the dough
3. Then you use the tube with the sponge tip and apply water to the image
4. You use the sponge and hold it on the image for about 45 seconds

5. You pull of the paper and reveal the image :)  This was the kiddos favorite part! 
6. You use the "cookie cutters" that are provided to cut out the image

Once you have all of that done you can put your dough with the image onto one of the stands to display! 
Rose Art also has a video you can check out with instructions for doing the image transfers.

The Magic Fun Dough kits are honestly so much fun!
 The kids played for hours and kept finding new things to create.
There is no better feeling then when you are watching children using their imaginations to create and make believe. In a time when everything is electronic it is nice to find a toy that entertains and allows children to imagine a world all their own. 

Rose Art Magic Fun Dough Kits would be an amazing gift for any child this holiday season.
They can be found at Walmart, Target, or on Amazon and are extremely affordable. The kits range from $9.99 - $19.99 (NO BATTERIES NEEDED) and can be found in the craft aisle. 

Rose Art is also celebrating 90 years of fun with a Facebook giveaway for $1000. 
You definitely want to head over and enter for a chance to win! 

A special thank you to Rose Art Fun Dough for sponsoring today's discussion! 

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8 Responses to “Rose Art Magic Fun Dough Party”

  1. Looks like a blast! What a fun party

  2. you party turned out so cute! we had fun playing with the magic dough too!

  3. wow, that image transfer is so sweet! very cool

  4. They look like they're having a ball, off to check out the fairy kits!

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