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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Only one more day to enter our AMAZING Back 2 School "Made with LOVE" Giveaway! 
You definitely want to hurry over and enter for a chance to win.
I am wrapping the series by sharing one last handmade shop with all of you fabulous Bella Caiden Readers! 

I am absolutely LOVING Stamp Blanks.
The owner, Kayce, is absolutely awesome. She creates the very best personalized hand stamped jewelry.
Her designs are one of a kind and she seriously has something for everyone! 

These super cute bracelets are perfect for the kiddos and are a steal at $4.75.

These stick figure family necklaces would be an awesome gift for any mom. 
Think Christmas:)

And we can't forget about dear old dad:)  How cute is this?

And that is not it... Stamp Blanks sells so many other amazing items from bottle openers to Christmas Ornaments. Kayce is so great she gave us the opportunity to check out one of her hand stamped allergy bracelets for ourselves. My little man happens to have a milk allergy and just started 1st grade this year which meant that this would be his first year having lunch in the cafeteria. While his allergy is not a severe or deadly allergy it is still one that we like to address with his teachers and the school. 

So when his allergy bracelet arrived I couldn't be more excited. The stamping is absolutely PERFECT and is done on aluminum so it will not tarnish or cause allergies which is awesome. The silicone bracelet is great as well. Jonathon loved that it was a bright color and looked "cool", plus it is easy for him to take on and off all by himself which he loves.

I love that I don't have to fight with him to wear it and I it gives me some relief when I send him off to school I don't have to worry about anyone giving him milk. 

You definitely want to head over to Stamp Blanks and check out all of the amazing things Kayce has available. And be sure to  "Like" Stamp Blanks on Facebook and receive 10% off of your order using the code GROUP at checkout.

Kayce is so great she is including one of her Allergy Bracelets in our Back 2 School "Made with LOVE" Giveaway so be sure to head over and enter for a chance to win. The Giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight so hurry hurry hurry and enter! 


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