Go Hobo- Back 2 School "Made with LOVE"

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Who is loving all of these AWESOME handmade Back 2 School items? I know I sure am!!! 
Well if you love handmade items and you love school supplies then this next shop is PERFECT for you!!!

Go Hobo is an amazing shop that sells personalized pencils and paper products!
The heart and soul of Go Hobo is repurposing so you can see why I love them! 
They turn old outgrown clothing and fabric scraps into the most adorable one of a kind paper products.

They have so many amazing items to choose from in their shop.
I am loving this card set. 

 and they have the most adorable cards! 

Laurel and Laurie are the owners/makers of Go Hobo and they are the sweetest gals!!! 
Besides the fact that they are great friends, and the simple cuteness that their names are practically the same, they both share such a passion for repurposing and creating. If you are a snail mail lover myself, you will completely understand why I now want to change my name to Lauren and be their 3rd wheel!!! :) 

One of my FAVORITE items in Go Hobo's shop is their personalized pencils which just so happen to be the PERFECT back to school item! 

Laurel & Laurie gave me the chance to try out a set for myself and they were awesome! I received a set of 5 pencils personalized with my little munchkins names on them!
Who doesn't LOVE something personalized? 

 They arrived quickly and were absolutely perfect! The names are hot foil printed onto #2 pencils.
The kids were so excited the second they arrived! They right away loved the colors, which I was able to pick from Go Hobo's site and they were even more excited when they saw they had their names on them. 
Bella instantly broke out the Preschool practice books and got to work! 

We sharpened the pencils right away and I have to admit I was a little nervous about it. We only had one of those cheap little dollar store pencil sharpeners which don't always do the best job, but the pencils sharpened easily and I was super impressed with how well the erasers worked! I thought with the colored erasers they might smudge or not work well but that was not the case at all.

Head over to Go Hobo's shop and check out all of the amazing items they offer and don't forget to stop by Go Hobo's Facebook page and show Laurel and Laurie some LOVE!!!
Stay tuned for the rest of the Back 2 School "Made with LOVE" series!
 There will be a fun giveaway at the end and one of you will win a prize pack with items from EACH of the stores featured! 


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