Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Have you ever seen a dining room as LAME as this??? 
I mean seriously!?!? It doesn't have much going for it! 
To be honest, the dining room table is usually our "collect all"! 
It is usually piled high with my sewing machine, ribbon, fabric, papers, mail, coupons, toys... 
you name it and it is on there!

Even though there is not much going on in this space, it is still a room that people see when they come into my home. It opens up to the formal living room (another collect all spot) and the kitchen! 
I've wanted to spruce it up for awhile now but the money just isn't there so when my parent's redid there bathroom and were going to toss out an old mirror I was quick to call dibs! 

The mirror was your typical frame less wall mirror but it was BIG and it was FREE so I knew it could be something awesome! We've recently been replacing some doors and windows around our house and have been replacing all of the existing trim (more on this very soon) with a different style so I decided to build the mirror frame to match! We had the same guys that did the trim around the doors and windows also build the frame! I knew I wanted it to hang so that it was wide and I knew I wanted it to have a small shelf! 
So this is what they made me!!! I have to say I absolutely LOVE it!!! 

I got to work right away with my absolute FAVORITE product! 
The one that I use for EVERYTHING!!! Citrus Shield Dark Oak Paste Wax:) 

I originally thought I would apply the wax and paint over it with white and distress it, but once I saw it with the layer of wax on it I kind of fell in love with its rough looking finish!
So for now, it is staying like this... who knows what will happen in 6 months.

So my Mom and I got to work right away hanging it up! 
I threw a few candle holders on the shelf and ta-da!!! 
Isn't she a beauty? 

I love how it fills up the big empty wall and reflects the light coming in the window, 
especially since it's such a small space! 
I have so much more to show you in my dining room... and I promise I will be back soon to share! 
(you can see a bit of a sneak peek in the reflection in the photo) :) 

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!!!! and working on some awesome projects! 
Happy Summer! 

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