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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Woohoo!!! I'm still going strong in the One Crafty Contest over at One Artsy Mama!!! 
I am officially in the Top 3!!! and I can NOT believe it!!! I am having the BEST time in the contest and am so thankful that my bloggy bestie, Chacoy, convinced me to sign up!!! :) 
I am catching up on some blog posts tonight and hope to show you my latest project tomorrow!!! 

So week 1 was paint, week 2 was washi tape, and week 3 was GLITTER!!!! 
AHHH!!!! Glitter. I have to admit I was a little speechless! Glitter!!!
After a few days of panicking because I had no clue what to make I finally decided to work on an old bookcase that I had been wanting to makeover for Bella's bedroom! 
(notice a theme here... so far all of my projects had been for Bella's bedroom) 

Here is the bookcase when I got started! It was my grandmothers and it was pretty beat up. It had some water damage on the top and needed a good wash. I loved the scalloped design along the top but wasn't thrilled with the little rail on the top shelf so I decided to remove it. 

Once the rail was removed I immediately loved it a million times more!!!! 
Then I went ahead and got started sanding it and removing the backer board 
which was cracked and splintered. 

Once it was all sanded I got started painting the shelves and outer sides. When I had the blue and white all finished I used Krylon Glitter Blast in Diamond Dust and sprayed it over the blue. I have to admit I was a little scared at first but the Glitter Blast comes out so evenly and is such a fine glitter that really shimmers. I was beyond impressed! and for only $4.00 a can it can't be beat! Plus it comes in other colors:) 

and TA DA!!!!! Isn't she a beauty!?!?!? Bella LOVES having a little shelf in her bedroom since we took out her dresser!!! and it works perfectly to store all her little treasures!!! 
Thanks so much to everyone who voted!!!! 

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  1. Adding the glitter was such a fun idea! Perfect for a little girl!


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