$0 Porch Makeover!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am usually that girl that over thinks EVERYTHING!!!!! even when there is a simple solution I analyze it and over analyze it until I am completely miserable! It's a terrible personality trait but luckily for me my hubby is just the opposite!!! He does things on a whim and takes wayyyy more chances then me. 

So Mother's Day weekend we had a bunch of family over for a cookout. I had mentioned to my hubby that morning that I really hated the way our porch looked. The paint was peeling off,  some of the rails were broken (apparently I am not that good at aiming a soccer ball), and to be honest it looked EXACTLY the same as all of our other neighbors! ... oh the joys of living in a development! I had mentioned that I would like to remove the rails and then bulk up the pillars sometime when we have the extra time and money! 

So what does the hubby do!?!?!?! YUP! He grabbed his saw and hacked them off. Within just a few minutes my rails were gone!!! and all that remains is the boring old "same as everybody else" pillars. 

I gotta admit though... I kind of LOVE it!:) 
It gives us the feeling of a larger more open porch. 
Plus it sets us apart from every other house on our street! 
I guess sometimes LESS is MORE!

I have plans of replacing the existing pillars with new bulkier pillars or even boxing in the ones that are currently there, but for now I am loving it just the way it is. I have some other fun  and FREE  PORCH PROJECTS coming up VERY soon and I can't wait to share them with you all. 

So what do you think??? Do you like it better with the rails or without? 

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6 Responses to “$0 Porch Makeover! ”

  1. I love the new look!

  2. I love the new look!

  3. I love how this looks without the rails, much cleaner looking! Thank you for linking up at the TGIF link party! Also, good luck in the One Artsy Momma competition, I voted for you, that rose project was just too pretty not to vote for!

    Rebecca @ Living Better Together

  4. Nice, hubby is one smart and thrifty dude - celebrate the 1st day of Summer!

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  6. Hi there! Just stopping by to thank you for linking up with me last week and to let you know that you have been featured this week! The party goes live at 8:00pm EST tonight. Would love for you to stop by and link up as well as grab a feature button!


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