Beckham, Hair, and the Tooth Fairy:)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

So things have been a little crazy at the Boozer house lately... 
especially for my little man! April has been a month full of big changes for him.

He kicked off the month by joining soccer and needless to say he is LOVING it!!! 
No worries I am not that crazy mom on the side lines screaming at the coaches... because I am the Coach:)  Didn't see that coming... Did you?? 
I gotta say my boy is crazy good!!!
He can totally "bend it like Beckham", and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom!!! 
(or at least I don't think that's why I believe it) haha 

He has honestly scored more then one goal in each of the games he has played!
Plus our AWESOME team, the Columbus Crew,  has an amazing record of 6-1:) 
and Jonathon is having a TON of fun and making LOTS of new friends!!!

So with soccer came the amazing Spring weather we have been having! 
and since it's been getting warmer here, I got this crazy idea that my little baby should get his first "BIG" hair cut so he wouldn't be so hot and sweaty! Don't get me wrong, the boy gets his hair cut all the time, but it grows like a weed and has NEVER been short. 
I have just NEVER had the courage to really CUT his hair... until now:) 
What do you think? 

Okay so for the kid who hates change he was already having a chaotic month and then "it" happened!!! 
Is the suspense killing you???? 
He lost his first tooth!!! That's right, my little baby is growing up so fast!!! 
So we were at a friends house last weekend and the kiddos were jumping in a bounce house when Jonathon somehow hit his mouth on something or someone. He didn't cry but he was whiny so I checked out the situation and saw his tooth was bleeding a little and was a little wiggly... (this was Saturday) and from his constant wiggling and touching the loose tooth the little guy fell out Wednesday afternoon while Jonathon was playing hockey:) Surprisingly there was not too much hysteria following the incident. He was actually really excited until he realized the new tooth didn't pop up right away... He is NOT happy about the space!! LOL 
I just keep telling him he finally looks like a REAL hockey player!!

So anyway, I knew right away that I wanted to do something special from the Tooth Fairy so I made this cute pillow box and added a cute little "Tooth" Fairy which I found in the Silhouette Store and cut and assembled! I also wrote a little note in glitter pen  (aka fairy dust) telling Jonathon how proud we are of him and how he needs to make sure he brushes his teeth to keep them healthy! 

the note reads: 
Jonathon, Congratulations on loosing your very 1st tooth.
Mommy and Daddy and I are so proud of you!
Remember it's VERY important to brush 2 
times a day to keep your teeth happy and healthy.
Love, The Tooth Fairy

He was SO excited when he found it in his bed and EVEN
 more excited when he got to put his money in his piggy bank:)
The Tooth Fairy is officially AWESOME in his opinion!!!! and mine too!!:)
April was such a fun month!!! I can't wait to see what May has in store for us!

Update: For everyone who inquired about how much moolahh the little fella actually got...
I am here to tell you, he only got $1.00:) It seems like these days the going rate for the tooth fairy is on a steady increase... apparently she does NOT know about the recession! LOL but in The Boozer household the decision has been made! Our lovely little tooth fairy is offering up $1.00 per tooth! Neatly wrapped with a special little note!!! 


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