Fun Spring Wreath

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So the other day I showed you all the super fun spring wreath that I made for my March Package Pal! After showing it on Facebook and Twitter I had tons of people ask me for a tutorial, so  I thought I would go ahead and explain a little about how I made it. 

The flowers are made from regular old textured card stock that I bought at the local craft store. I used the 12x12 sheets and was able to get 4 flowers out of each page. I would say this wreath has around 50 flowers on it, but I didn't keep track so I could be wrong.  

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut my flowers but they can easily be cut by hand. 
I chose these 2 designs (from the SIL store)  because I thought they complimented each other well and to be honest they were 2 of the easiest flowers to assemble. If you have a Silhouette the one on the right is called a "rolled rose" and the one on  the right is a "3d rolled spiral flower" and were both found in the SIL store. 
If you want to cut them by hand you simply cut a spiral in a sheet of paper... about 1.5 inches thick and then cut the top edge in the shape you want based on the flower you prefer. 

Here are the finished flowers.... (sorry they are on opposites sides of the ones above) 

To roll the flowers I used a small screw driver. A pencil would be fine, I just happen to be that girl that can NEVER find a pencil when she needs one. It's pretty simple... You just roll tightly from the outside of the spiral to the inside, then just let it go. It will loosen up and look great! 

Here it is when I took it off the screw driver. 

Then you just take some hot glue and add it to the circular piece 
(that was in the center of the spiral) and press the rolled flower down. 
It's important that you tighten or loosen the "petals" quickly while the glue is still wet. 

Here are some of the flowers I made. You can tell they are not all perfect. They are all rolled differently and all glued differently but to me that is what makes them look more realistic. 

The wreath was just one of the cheapies from the Dollar Tree (my favorite store EVER). The styrofoam tends to crumble apart over time so I always wrap the wreaths with ribbon before I decorate them. 
Then I just used hot glue and put the flowers onto the wreath tightly together covering the inside top and outer edges. The wreath is flat in the back which works great if you want to attach it to a piece of wood or even to hang it on a door. 

I purchased a cabinet door from our local Habitat for Humanity Restore for just $1. It was a brand new door it just happened to be used as a sample. I first spray painted it yellow but didn't love the color against the off white flowers I put onto the wreath so I decided to make it an aqua color that I had on hand. Of course since I love to distress everything.... I used my trusted sanding block to rough up the edges and let some of the pretty yellow color and the stain show through.

To attach the wreath I used 1 3/4" screws and drilled directly through the back of the board and into the wreath. I used 2 screws (or maybe 3... I can't remember) and it was on there very tight...
 it is definitely not going to fall off!!! 

Then when I was done I used some white vinyl and applied a portion of Zechariah 10:1. 
Such a great springtime verse. :) 

 There you have it... a fun spring wreath that is inexpensive and beautiful!!! I hope my package pal is loving it!!!! I can't wait to make one for myself:) Happy Spring!!! 

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10 Responses to “Fun Spring Wreath”

  1. SO gorgeous! I keep trying to talk myself out of a Silhouette because I don't want to spend the money, but after seeing projects like this, I really think I need one! I popped over from Tatertots and Jello--thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  2. This looks amazing. Thank goodness I also have Cameo, because I do not have the patience to cut those out! Thanks so much for sharing, I can't wait to try making this :)

  3. What a BEAUTIFUL wreath!!!! It looks amazing, and I love how you mounted it on the board, that's a great idea!

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  5. This is so pretty. I love the colors of paper you used and the flowers turned out amazing! Great job!

  6. oh my goodness, that is GORgeous! Like fall off my chair gorgeous! The flowers are so beautiful, and the colors...ohhh! I can't believe you gave it away! Wish I were your package pal! SO glad you entered One Crafty Contest; good luck!

    1. Awww Thank you so much Amy!!! I am so happy to have found your site!!! I just love it! I can't wait to see who the contestants are for the One Crafty Contest... Crossing my fingers I am one of the 20 but boy is there some stiff competition! :)

  7. I AM still loving this wreath! I feel so lucky to have gotten it :) I get lots of comments on it when people come over. Anyway- I dropped by again to let you know I voted for you in the contest! Good luck!

  8. So pretty! I love the colors, how the aqua makes the flowers pop. The flowers look so real and happy. Love it, you did an amazing job.

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