Caution!!!! 1980's Bathroom

Sunday, February 10, 2013

CAUTION: These photos are rated U for their extreme UGLYness:) Some of the photos you are about to see may be disturbing to some viewers. Parental discretion is advised. 

Can you believe we have had this bathroom in our house for 5 years now and have done absolutely NOTHING with it? This is our kiddos bathroom/guest bathroom. None of the bathrooms in our home are really worth looking at. They are pretty outdated, but this one is the worst by far, and the other day when our kitchen ceiling (which we just had repainted) started leaking from the bathroom above we knew it was time to get to work.  

So here are some beautiful before photos!!! I should add I know some pretty great stuff came out of the 80's (myself included), but this bathroom is not one of them. 
Don't you LOVE that pink sink????

And this fancy light fixture??? 

And my other personal favorite is this gorgeous vinyl flooring:) Don't mind the dirt! 

Oh we also have these awesome holes in the wall, from the day my 5 year old thought the towel bar should be used for exercising and doing chin ups:) ugh!!! Boys will be boys, right? 

So anyway... we are finally getting started!!! We (by "we" I mean my husband)  basically gutted the entire bathroom except for the shower & tub enclosure. 
Here is my hunky hubby hard at work!!!! Sshhh, don't tell him I posted his picture:) 

Once the floor was ripped up we realized that the leak was coming from the pipe that comes out of the toilet and also from the water that my little monsters have been splashing down the heat vent. 


First thing we did was have a friend come over and move the heat vent from the floor to a spot a few inches higher in the wall. Looks better already doesn't it??? :)

Bathroom To-Do List:
1. rip out the old flooring
2. remove the old vanity, counter-top, medicine cabinet, and light fixture
3. HVAC- move the heat vent off of the floor
4. Plumbing- change out some water lines, and move some pipes (I think), raise the toilet drain, etc. 
5. replace the existing window with a new one
6. replace the exhaust fan and add some recessed lights and an extra receptacle
7. fix the drywall 
8. paint the ceiling and walls
9. install the new flooring- ceramic tile planks
10. new window and door trim and baseboards
11. install new vanity, mirror, and toilet
12. Closet-???? get rid of it? change it???? this is TBD
13. DECORATE- new shower curtain, window treatment, towel holders, other pretty stuff:)

Obviously we haven't made much progress YET... but we have a longggg to-do list and I promise to keep you posted!!!! And of course show you what I hope to be, some pretty AWESOME "after" photos.

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One Response to “Caution!!!! 1980's Bathroom”

  1. Oh, this is exciting! I'm really curious to see what you guys will do with it. :)


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