Elf on the Shelf Recap... Better Late than Never, Right?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yes, I know we are already over halfway through January... but I swear I will post this Christmas wrap-up if it is the last thing I do!!! We had a great Christmas this year and were fortunate enough to have almost our entire family here to enjoy it with us. This being the first Christmas without my dad was a little more stressful than normal, but I think we all knew he would want us to enjoy our day even though he was no longer here with us. 

Okay so I know I promised to share on Facebook and Twitter all the fun that our little Elf on the Shelf, Finn, was up to this holiday season... and while I started off great the holiday hustle and bustle (and sick kiddos) got the best of me and I just couldn't find the time to keep up with it. So.... here is a recap of Finn and all the fun he had! 

Day 1:  Finn Returns!!! I don't think they could have been more excited! 

Day 2: That silly elf wrapped the toilet:) 

Day 3: Finn arrives with a special note for the kiddos and a bag of "magic Christmas dust"

Day 4:  The Special Surprise that came from the "magic Christmas dust"
Bella was up late and was very cranky at bedtime so she was not at ALL interested in sprinkling the "dust" glitter under her bed so Santa left her treat in the kitchen. She was so excited to see she didn't miss out! 

Day 5: Snowball Fight- We did this one last year as well and the kids LOVED it! 

Day 6: Smores by the Fire

Day 7: Up, Up, and Away - My kiddos love the movie UP and were so happy to see this in the AM! They were certain Finn flew all the way to the North Pole and back in the house:)

Day 8: The kids slept over at Grandma's house and Finn was waiting patiently for them to come home.

Day 9: Finn must have caught the kiddos colds.

Day 10: Super Finn:) flying through the kitchen

Day 11:  We are definitely a hockey family, so this seemed like an obvious choice.
*** Somehow I can't find the hockey picture and I promise if I do I will add it later. Basically his hockey stick was a candy cane and his puck was lifesaver candy. He was "shooting" the lifesavers into his "net" which was just an empty Christmas gift bag that I laid down.

Day 12:  making a picture for Santa... he was homesick. 

Day 13: Ready for School... He really misses Jonathon while he is away.
*** I am missing this picture too but I promise I will find it:) *** Basically I put one of Bella's baby doll backpacks on Finn and sat him in the small front pocket of Jonathon's backpack so he was sticking out a little. Jonathon was so cute when he saw it. He took him out and had a big talk with him about how he would only be at school for a little and he was sorry he couldn't come along:) I love my boy! 

Day 14:  Taking a bath.

Day 15: Super Finn Returns to zip line through the kitchen

Day 16:  On a hot date at the drive-thru

Day 17:  Working on his Christmas list

Day 18: Naughty Finn toilet papered the Christmas tree

We filled up the rest of the days with  a few favorites from last year as well.

Day 25: Merry Christmas:) 

Well I hope you all enjoyed your holidays as much as we did. :) I can't wait to see what our little elf friend is up to next year!!! Better start planning! :) haha

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3 Responses to “Elf on the Shelf Recap... Better Late than Never, Right?”

  1. Wrapping the toilet was the best! I haven't seen that one before!!!


    1. Thanks Lanaya!!! The toilet was definitely funny... but the kids did NOT want to take it off (and we only have 1 bathroom on our first floor) so we spent the entire day going upstairs to use the bathroom:)

  2. So fun, I wish Chucky was still young enough for an Elf on the Shelf!


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