Personalized Teacher Signs

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Okay, so let's talk Teacher Christmas gifts for just a second. I think we can all agree how important teachers are to our community, to our children, and to our families. 
Well, with that being said... What in the world do you get them????
How about a personalized pencil sign for their desk?

Cute right? And so simple to make too :) 

I started with a regular old 8' long 2x4 from my local Lowes. It cost around $2.00 in the lumber department and they will cut it in half for you for no extra charge (in case you have a tiny car like me). 
Plus you could use this 2x4 to make 4 pencil signs! 

Okay, getting started... I measured 22.5" from the end of the board and made a line. (A)

From that line I measured back towards the edge 3.5" and made another line. (B)

I then measured the width of the board and made a line to mark the center on line (A).

Then use a ruler to make two lines from the center point on line (A) to the outside edges of line (B). This will create the shape for the point of the pencil.

Then measure 2.5 inches up from the edge and make a line (C). This will be the line for the eraser. 

Then I used a band saw and cut the point out of the pencil. 

We're almost there I promise. Next I used the table saw and set the blade up about a 1/4" from the table to "cut" the eraser. 

This part can be tricky... 
You don't want to cut through the board, you only want to cut an indent in the wood .

There you have it! Now the fun begins... bust out the paint and have some fun. I went to the store and picked out the paint colors and bought a sample size of both colors. (red and yellow/orange) 

When I was all finished painting I used some scrap wire and filled in the indent that I made next to the eraser and added a little curl :) just for a little extra sumthin sumthin....

My little man is loving the pencil and can't wait to give it to his student teacher tomorrow 
(it is her last day... sad face**)

I had so much fun making these signs for Jonny's teachers. 
I hope my little tutorial can help some of you give it a try too!!! If making them yourself isn't for can also place an order for one in my shop found here!!!  hint hint:) 

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4 Responses to “Personalized Teacher Signs”

  1. Seriously how awesome is that! I will have to get my hubby to help me make one!
    Kindest regards,

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer!!!! I hope your pencil turned out AMAZING!!!!

  2. These are so cute and I bet the teacher loved that it was personalized.
    Now can you make me 7 of those? Haha

    1. Thanks Chacoy!!!!! both of his teachers absolutely LOVED them!!!!! 7!!!! you must be crazy:) LOL


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