Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So you have heard me whine on here before about the "not so nice" Hurricane Irene and our random October snow storm and how it did so much damage to our property...Well, we are finally making some progress!!! It's costing a small fortune and my kids may not be able to eat this week, but at least it's finally getting done!

We used to have two big beautiful shade trees on our property but after the storms they were both destroyed. The photo below was one of those shade trees. It fell and we cut it up and hauled it away, but since we didn't have the stump grinded/ ground up -however you say it:) it kept sprouting from the roots in the ground, resulting in this big bushy looking mess.
The second shade tree was still going strong when we got a freak snow storm in October. Since the leaves were only beginnng to change colors and were all still on the tree, when all the snow and ice came the tree just couldn't hold the weight and the entire center snapped:(

and NOW...

 This tree or Yew bush- that's what the tree guy called it, wasn't damaged by the storm but it's in the weirdest spot. It's growing up the side of the house and it is smushed between the house and our big maple tree!

and NOW...

Eeekkk... I definitely need to get out there and pressure wash that siding:(
I don't even know where to begin with this mess. I'm not sure what the tree is on the corner, but my kids refer to it as the "spider tree" because it is always covered with spider webs and spiders. It's very picky and to be honest I'm getting tired of crawling behind it to get the balls when they get hit back there. The other bushes are lilac bushes and they look hideous. While I totally LOVE lilacs, these bushes were not planted properly. They are so close to the house that they grow weird and lots of the limbs are dying.

and NOW...

Last but certainly not least... the big hoohaaa of the show! These bushes/trees that lined our property are about 16 feet tall and there is a TON of them. You can see in the pictures that our property has a ton of open space behind it for parking for the ball field and the baseball field itself so there really isn't much blocking the wind. These trees have taken a beating from storm after storm. You can tell the previous owners used stakes and rope and tried tying them up together, but with no such luck. After all of the big weather events of last year these trees were almost all laying over on each other,
so they had to go:)

and NOW...

I am super excited about the progress we have made in the yard... but I know there is still A LOT more to do... after all we haven't even touched the front yard:)

Our Back Yard to Do List:
Clean up the tree grinding
Plant some new trees and bushes
Put up a fence
New House Deck and Pool Deck- we are hoping to take them both down and build one large deck combining the two.
Take down the damaged swingset
Add a fire pit where the one tree was grinded
Refinish the glider in the yard
Take out the clothes line poles
Fix up the quoit pits
Add some kind of storage for our trash cans

Ugh the joys of owning a home... oh well...our work is never done:) One day at a time!

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One Response to “Timberrrrrrrr”

  1. WOW!!! It totally looks better. Even such small changes look huge!!! Can't wait to see more!!! :)


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