This Little Light of Mine....

Monday, June 4, 2012

...I'm gonna let it shine:)

So let's talk about a super cute, super cheap, customizable lighting option...Ok?

As you all are well aware of I have been turning a basement closet into my own little craft spot for some time now. It just needs a few finishing touches and hopefully I will be sharing the finished project with you later next week.
One of the first things I wanted to tackle in the space was the lighting issue. The closet has one of those fluorescent tube lights in there which I actually don't mind because it puts off a lot of light, which is great for when I'm working on projects. Plus once I got my shelf hung the light was way less noticeable, but I still wanted something different. Some mood lighting perhaps:) Just kidding. I really just wanted to have another lighting option that was softer and still illuminated the space enough that I could work on things... but it also needed to be CHEAP!!!!
Let me clarify... my version of cheap and your version of cheap may be slightly different. I don't mean a $150 light fixture marked down to $90 or even $60... I'm talking under $10. So anyway, here is what I came up with....

Mommy's Little Helper!!!!
First I bought a pack of brown Christmas lights from one of our local craft stores for $1.25. It has 20 lights on the strand and is approximately 5' long. Perfect for the small space I'm decorating. I was hoping to find the ones with white strands, but no luck in the size I was looking for, so instead I just spray painted the wires. I used Dixie Cups and pushed them over the lights so that no spray paint got on the bulbs.

I sprayed several light coats of white spray paint onto the wires, making sure that each layer was dry before I added the next.  

While the paint was drying I got to work on my "lamp shades". I used plain old Dixie Cups and cut them down the side and laid them out flat.

I would recommend getting the plain white Dixie Cups. When my lights are turned on and all the other lights are off you can see the pattern on the cups just slightly through the scrapbook paper. But anyway, next I traced the cup onto some scrapbook paper. 
 I got 4 on each 12x12 sheet, so I used 5 sheets.

Then just cut them out.

And use a hot glue gun to secure them to the cups.

Then simply push the lights bulbs into the bottom of the cups...
And there you have it, instant lamp shades:)

don't mind the one light is out... the bulb was a little loose but we fixed that:)

And there you have it... I can't wait to show you what they look like in the space....

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6 Responses to “This Little Light of Mine....”

  1. what a beautiful idea! can't wait to see them in your craft space:)

    1. Thanks Laura... I'm hoping to show off my finished craft space this week (or maybe early next week):) Stay tuned!!!

  2. Oh my gosh these are so cute! What a creative idea. Stopping by from TTJ - feel free to check out my link.

    1. Trish, thank you so much! I'm heading over to your page now:)

  3. I wanna do this so bad..looks so cute!

    1. You should... so inexpensive, so easy, and so cute:) Thanks for commenting!


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