Coat Closet Transformation

Friday, June 29, 2012

So last time the hubby was away on a little mini vacation with some of his buddies, I decided to go ahead and "fix up" our coat closet. There wasn't anything really wrong with the coat closet necessarily it just wasn't as functional as I had wanted it to be... I mean seriously, look at this disaster. There was no organization to the space so everything that we found just lying around the house ended up getting thrown in there. It was a mess!!!!  

i can't believe i'm even showing you this picture
The plan was to take the shelf which was hanging above the coat rod and move it up about 6 inches. Then I wanted to move up the rod itself and add some shoe storage underneath. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well as soon as the hubs left I got started... I took down the "shelf" which was really just a piece of wood sitting on top of some baseboards that were nailed to the wall. Then I wanted to take down the baseboards so I could move them up to raise the shelf. This is where my nightmare began... When I was taking down the baseboards I ended up pushing several holes in the drywall and cracking the boards themselves in several spots.

look at these cuties:) sorry for the panty shot!!!

Once I finally got the baseboards removed from the wall I knew I had to get started patching the drywall. UGH!!! All I have to say is I am definitely not going into the drywall business ever in my lifetime. It was horrible. No matter how many times I put on another layer, or how many times I sanded it I couldn't get it to be smooth or flush with the walls. Eventually I gave up and went ahead and painted the walls. My theory was it was just the inside of the closet and our coats would cover it anyway:)

So in the end, I repainted the closet, moved up the shelves and the rod, added some baskets and a shoe organizer, and even added some hooks on the inside of the door for the kiddos backpacks. I also got a ton of matching wooden hangers from a friend of mine! (who doesn't LOVE free stuff)  I don't think I would call it a masterpiece, but hey at least I can find things in there now:)

There is one more thing on my Coat Closet To-Do List but I'm not sure the hubby would go for it... I would LOVE love LOVE love LOVE to add a new door to the closet, just like this one here that I found on pinterest. :) Every time I look at it my heart goes pitter patter:)

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One Response to “Coat Closet Transformation”

  1. I like it! It's amazing how much room a closet really can have if we just let it!


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