1950s Pin Up Bachelorette Party...Yes Please!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One of my hubby's very best friends is getting married in July and we are so excited. This past weekend I got to enjoy an awesome ladies night out for the bride's 1950's Pin Up themed bachelorette party! So much fun! I have to say I haven't been to many bachelorette parties in my day...and since I was only 20 when I got married, I didn't have one of my own...
but I'm pretty sure this one was about as fun as they get:)

Disclaimer: I apologize ahead of time for the crappy IPhone photos.
They are the best I could do.

Sekora- the bride to be

While most of the ladies that dressed up went with the Rockabilly style... my pale skin and chubby belly wanted nothing to do with RED or POLKA DOTS, so I went with my favorite of all the looks, the Military Style. I found this U.S. Army shirt at the second hand store for only $3.00.

It started out wayyyy to big and long sleeves which wasn't going to work for the this hot weather, so I took one of my own button up shirt and laid it on top (inside out) and traced it.
Then I sewed on the lines and flipped it right side out... SIMPLE as that!
I also cut off the sleeves and hemmed them up.
Not much to it:) - Which was perfect considering I didn't actually find the shirt or start on it until the night before the party:)

Here is the shirt once it was all sewed up (tightly) and ready to go:) Don't mind the kiddo... he always has to run in the pictures:) I also really quickly whipped up a little military hat from some scrap fabric to tie everything together. I paired it with some skinny jeans, red lipstick, and heels and I couldn't have been happier with how it turned out. I was so comfy all night- Well except for the heels. :)

Sheri (sister-in-law to the groom)

Sekora and I

GeriAnn (sister of the groom) and I
GeriAnn and Sheri did an amazing job planning the bachelorette party.
Everyone had an amazing time!

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2 Responses to “1950s Pin Up Bachelorette Party...Yes Please!”

  1. love your DIY shirt! cool idea:)

    1. Thanks so much! We had such a great time:)


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