Yard Sailin' Woohoo:)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Seriously, I don't think anything brings a smile to my face quite like yard sale season:) Oh how I love getting up early, being out in the sun, walking endless streets, through mobs of people, to comb through other peoples junk!!!! Honestly, I really do love it, even if my description doesn't seem like tons of fun. The main reason I love yard sailing is because I'm cheap... or frugal if you want to make it sound less tacky:) Honestly, most of my wooden furniture and decor items in my home are from yard sales or thrift shops. I just can't see spending a fortune on something that I can buy so cheap and fix up, or make myself.

Well, Saturday I spent the entire morning out rummaging through strangers belongings. My main priority was to find a cheap wooden fixer upper of a chair... but sadly I had no such luck... even though I must have drove past/ stopped at least 30+ yard sales.

I did find a few other steals though! For starters I got this wooden, fabric/ribbon memo board, or whatever you call them. It was a steal for only $1.25. Sure the ribbon you hang it with is a bit yucky, the fabric is definitely not a keeper, and the paint could use a little touch up, but with an hour of so of lovin' I'm sure I can make her a beauty. With all honesty... I would pay more then that for the wood alone if I tried to make this myself, so although it will take a little work, it is definitely a score! I will be sure to show her off when she is all finished up! Oh and I have to say, this sucker is huge, the pictures don't do it justice. When it sits on my floor in my kitchen, it comes up higher then my countertops:)

I also got these four under shelf thingy majigers! You know you put them under a shelf to help hold the weight. Whatever you call them, I have been on the look out for 4 of them for several months to use in finishing up my playroom makeover. I have found them at Lowe's and Home Depot but at $10.00 and up each I just keep "saving them for the next trip". Then today when I was out I found these 4 (I believe they are homemade) shelf thingies for only $2.00 for all 4, and in case you stink at math, that's only .50 cents each!! Woohooo... They are honestly not quite what I was looking for. I  was hoping for something a little chunkier and with a less heart-ish pattern, but for the price it couldn't be beat and I have big plans of sprucing them up THIS WEEK... so keep an eye out for that reveal:)

The last few things I got don't need any work at all:) I got four new books for the kiddos for $1.00 each... honestly the biggest splurge of the day. The kiddos love them so that's all that matters.

And last but not least I got these three little fireman teddy bears for my mother-in-law... the knick knack queen:) and I say that with love. While I am not one for knick knacks or collecting things. She is one of those ladies who collects by theme, mainly firefighter stuff and hummingbirds, which makes her incredibly easy to shop for. Her living room in her house is full of firefighter knick knacks, and dalmatians, and other firefighter "stuff" so I thought maybe she would like these... and for .25 cents each, I won't feel bad if she hates them and wants to throw them in the trash:)

So there you have it... my cheapness in all its glory!!!! I guess the hunt continues for the chair:(

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