Package Pals- What I Got!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

So today I received my gift from my "Package Pal", Alicia at The Seeley Family, and lets just say I was so excited. I honestly have been so worried about disappointing her and her not liking what I sent that I didn't even put much thought into what I would be getting. So without further ado....

drum roll please.....

Alicia sent me these super cute coasters that she made
with vinyl initial for each member of our family.

She also sent me this very cute paracord bracelet.

Ta da....

Thanks so much Alicia for such a great gift. I had such an amazing time doing this Package Pal exchange and getting to know Alicia. She will definitely be my bloggy buddy for a very long time.

Thanks to Jamie over at C.R.A.F.T for hosting such a fun event. I can't wait until the June Package Pal exchange. She only takes the first 100 people so follow Jamie, so you don't miss the sign up.

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3 Responses to “Package Pals- What I Got!”

  1. So I just looked at your post on what you sent, and this post on what you got, and I can't believe you were worried she wouldn't like what you sent!

    I sent my package pal a paracord bracelet like the one you got.

    And sending Alicia little "boo boo" packs for her kids? That is awesome!

  2. @smalltown20something
    Thanks so much! I'm not sure why I was sooo nervous she wouldn't like her gift. I absolutely LOVE giving gifts, but I am that person that always feels a little uncomfortable (especially when people open it in front of me) that maybe it's not as cool as I thought, or maybe it's not enough. I was thrilled when she got the gift and told me that she loved it. And so happy that the boys like there boo boo packs:) Oh and I loved the paracord bracelet... I had never seen one before and had no idea what it was but it is so cute!!

  3. Those coasters are great! I love that everyone has their own.


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