it is well... with my soul

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm sure you have seen me mention Groopdealz on my blog before, (here) but I had to take a second really quickly to show you the amazing bracelet that I got in the mail yesterday. If you are not familiar with Groopdealz it is a website that offers daily deals on all sorts of items, mostly handmade from different Etsy shops. The deals change daily and sometimes there are limited quantities but the prices are almost always unbeatable.

A few weeks back there was a deal offered on these beautiful cuff bracelets. I can't honestly remember what I paid for it, but I know that with shipping it was around $10. Such a steal! Included in the price you could have the cuff hand stamped on the outside and the inside with your choice of names, quote, dates, anything... I immediately knew what I wanted to do. Isn't it awesome!!!

On the outside it says:  it is well (with a heart) and on the inside it says: (heart) with my soul

I love this hymn!  When I'm struggling to make decisions, or upset, or even when I'm angry about things that are out of my control I often think of this hymn... At the end of each day I am the person that has to live with my decisions. I have to feel good about myself and the life that I am living. So now I have it right there on my wrist and I don't think I could be any more excited about it! I can't look at my bracelet without thinking about the Lord and that alone is enough for me. The hymn represents his control and that in the end no matter what choices I make, as long as I believe in him... It is well, with my soul!

I seriously get a giddy high school girl smile every time I look at it. I LOVE IT!!!!! Don't you???

If you love it and must have one too I completely understand... I got mine through Groopdealz, but it came from Charming Initials Etsy Shop. Unfortunately the shop owner has temporarily closed her shop while she continues her battle with cancer, but will be reopening when she is feeling stronger and she is going to email me as soon as she reopens so I can let you all know.

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