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Friday, April 13, 2012

Who doesn't LOVE pinterest? I mean seriously, it is like a creative persons heaven! I seriously have an addiction and am in major need of an intervention! Please help:) So anyway, I pinned this on pinterest a while back and new immediately where I wanted to do it.

This is the hallway that you see when you first walk in my front door. Doesn't say much about our personality.  Plain old tan, nothing on the walls, definitely a snoozer!

**** sorry I can't get these pictures to flip the right way****

Well not any more!!!!! Isn't she beautiful???????


I have to say, I am IN LOVE!!!!! I was skeptical at first. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and a little OCD so this project made me very nervous. I am that crazy person that makes lists for EVERYTHING and then when I don't like my handwriting on a list or if I cross things off and the line doesn't go right through the center of the word, I have to rewrite the entire list. I know its crazy, but it's true. The thought of tracing this stencil and then painting over it by hand made me almost have an anxiety attack, but I have to say, once I got started it actually became more relaxing then stressful. It is a small wall just under our stairwell but it took hours and hours and days and days. For a mother of two toddlers this was not the simplest of projects, but I'm so very happy with the outcome!

I think if anything this project really taught me to let go and not to worry so much about things being "perfect". This beautiful hallway of mine is FAR from perfect, but I LOVE it. I love being able to tell people "oh yeah I painted that!" I have never felt so proud of a project the way I do about this. It makes such a statement when you walk in the door and it couldn't look any better!!!!

My plan is to make this wall a photo gallery, which means that a lot of the pattern will eventually be covered by photos. I'm not 100% on the idea yet, so who knows what it will look like in the end but for now I am loving it:)

I'm drooling over these frames that Jen from Tatertots and Jello used in her Photo Wall!!!!!

Oh and for those of you wondering the base color on thewall is the same as the kitchen Olympic's Flagstone Paint + Primer in an Eggshell finish and the color of the design is the color that was a fail in the kitchen. It is only a shade lighter then the Flagstone. It is called Olympic's Secret Passage in an eggshell finish also.

So what do you think???? If you are interested in learning how to do this for yourself check out the link at the top. I did everything she did step by step and used her stencil!!!! Thanks for the inspiration Emily!

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3 Responses to “Making a Statement”

  1. LOVE the wall! You did am awesome job! DEB WOLFE (Aisha's Mom)

  2. AN awesome job....duh.

  3. Thank you soooo much Deb!!! I really love it.


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