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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Oh my, The Boozer family has been crazy busy lately! Lucky for us it has been with lots of fun things. We are rolling up on Valentine's Day pretty quickly and things are as chaotic as ever, but with Jonny's birthday just around the corner Daddy decided to give him a little birthday treat a few weeks early! He took him to his VERY FIRST Philadelphia Flyers game!!!! WooHoo If you know my son, you know how HUGE of a deal this is! He will be 5 years old on the 22nd and his absolute favorite thing in the ENTIRE world is hockey, especially the Flyers. He literally spends every minute of every day talking about hockey, playing hockey, coloring hockey pictures, or watching hockey on tv! To say he is obsessed is a complete understatement. So I just wanted to take a second to share some photos of his "guys night out" :)
(please keep in mind that my hubby is a horrible photographer. lol - and it took a lot of begging to get him to take these at the game- so thanks to him for that)

In Daddy's truck on the way to the BIG game:)

Wells Fargo Center

Got a Giroux Sweatshirt before the game:)

Watching the Game

So to sum it up they had an absolutely AWESOME time, which made me soooo excited! Jonathon loved watching the game. They were really high up (as you can tell from the one picture) and Jonny was scared when they first sat down that he was going to fall but Dave said he got over it after being there awhile. He also got a little scared when they would score a goal and the lights and sirens would go off! LOL I guess it's a little different in person then on tv:) Other then getting home late and sleeping until 10:30 am the next morning and missing preschool. He did an AMAZING job and had the best time EVER!!!! Oh how I love my boys.

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