Thursday, February 23, 2012

So after four years I have finally begun to decorate! Lame i know, but I have been putting it off for far to long, mainly because I am sooooo indecisive but also because I had no idea where to even begin. Well I finally let go of all of my fears and took a leap. I decided to start by repainting my kitchen. So let's be serious for a second. In a perfect world I would have white cabinets, granite countertops, a huge hood over my range, a giant kitchen island, and stainless appliances, but this is far from a perfect world, and we certainly aren't rich enough for all that. So we are working with what we got:) - and I gotta admit, it's not all that bad!

so here is what the kitchen looks liked before- as you can see she is not a looker:)
check out the hideous blinds over the double doors....yeah they gotta go!

When we bought our house four years ago we decided to paint it this dark green color and needless to say, I totally hated it. Not necessarily the color itself, but it doesn't really match anything in the kitchen. Our countertops are a weird greyish blue color and I hated them with the green color on the walls.

So I decided to go with Olympic's "Secret Passage" Paint Plus Primer in Eggshell, which was supposed to be a light grey color but after painting a small portion of the kitchen and staring at it for weeks (not kidding) we decided that it was a little too light for the room. We have double french doors in the kitchen and it gets the afternoon sun so we decided to go a shade darker with Olympic's "Flagstone" and I couldn't be happier!!!! Seriously I LOVE it! and the lighter shade is not going to waste, but I'll have to tell you about that later :)

In case your wondering why I'm only showing the kithen from this angle it's for a few reasons:
#1 -the desk area on the other side is a terrible mess (something I need to work on) it's a total catch all
#2 -i have a big project ( i use that term loosely) going on in my hallway that I'm not quite read to share
#3- as you can see from the picture below- it's not exactly 100% complete:)

There is still a long list of to-do's in the kitchen like: subway tile backsplash, paint the ceiling from the drywall damage- more on that soon, revamp the pantry, new floors (someday i hope), and a new window treatment for those big double doors, plus a few odds and ends that I'll be sharing soon, but in the mean time I think she is really starting to grow on me:)

So, what do you think???

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