A Dress to Dye For

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If you follow Bella Caiden on Facebook then you might have already seen this photo!!! 
Woohoo!!! I mentioned that in this photo was my latest DIY project and of course everyone guessed the shirt/dress!!! and YOU WERE RIGHT!!! although technically if you guessed that I waxed my stache you would have been MORE RIGHT:) lol! You can see in the pic it is still a little pink. haha

Anyways, I got this super cute dress from Old Navy in the clearance section for just a few bucks!!  It is to DIE for isn't it??? Ok well maybe not to die for, but definitely to dye for!!! LOL I crack myself up! 

I am not much of a shorts wearer so in the summer I tend to wear a lot of summer dresses! I am no size 2 and have some super pale skin so I'm not always the easiest gal to dress. I don't really like to wear all white because I swear it makes these pastey legs look even more pale. LOL but this dress was just too good of a deal to pass up so I decided to get it and give dying it a try!!! 

So I bought 2 boxes of RIT powder dye in Navy Blue and got to work. I followed the directions from the back of the box..... with some help of my little man! 

and this is how it turned out! What do you think???

I think it looks more purple then navy blue but I LOVE IT!!! 
and the contrast between the thread and the fabric looks awesome! 
...if I do say so myself;)

Plus purple just happens to be this little ladies FAVORITE COLOR!!!! 
So she LOVED IT!!! 

Please ignore my dirty feet!!! We are country people... I never wear shoes:) LOL 

I have to admit I might have a new obsession with dying things!!! 
I have a few other white dresses and tops that could really use some happy colors!!
Don't worry I will keep you all posted along the way!  :)


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