Big Decision

Thursday, May 9, 2013

My kids are getting older and they seem to need me less and less everyday.
I recently made a BIG decision in my life!!! One that affects my entire family.
I have enjoyed the last 4.5 years at home with them, but the time has come for me to contribute a little more financially to our families income. The opportunity came up for me to become an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay, I knew instantly that it was for me!

So brace yourself for a moment... I'm going to do something I swore I would NEVER do... I am going to show you a picture of myself with absolutely NO MAKEUP!!!



 eeeekkk.... scary I know!

Sadly I'm not one of those gals who wakes up looking like a million bucks. Luckily for me, I have Mary Kay.

I thought I'd show you all the goodies I use on a regular basis!
Since skin care is the most important thing to me I use MK's Time Wise Miracle Set and the
  Time Wise  Firming Eye Cream.
I absolutely LOVE the way it makes my face look and feel.

Okay, so makeup!!!! Here I am after I have finished painting on my face!!! :)

Doesn't even look like the same girl does it??? LOL

 I always start with MK's Foundation Primer. It makes my face feel smooth like butter!!!
Then I use MK concealer and Time Wise Liquid Foundation.

My next step is MK mineral blush!! in my absolute FAVORITE color, Citrus Bloom.
After I have the base I work on my eyes!!!! I love MK's mineral eye shadows and my current color addiction is "Sweet Plum"  with "Spun Silk".

I top that with my black MK Eye Liner  and of course MK's Ultimate Mascara in black.
For my lips I am wearing MK's Au Naturel NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss.

 I top the whole look with another one of my personal favs... MK's Finishing Spray!! :)

And there you have it... I guess it's obvious now why becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay was the right choice for me!!! :) Besides all the obvious perks of the job I am so thankful to work with a company that was founded by such a strong and powerful woman, Mary Kay Ash, who started the company to simply enrich the lives of women!
I am so grateful for this blessing and can't wait to see where my Mary Kay journey takes me.

If you have any questions about the products I shared or any of Mary Kay's amazing products please feel free to contact me. (
Interested in earning some FREE or discounted Mary Kay products... message me for more details.
You can also check out all of the latest Mary Kay items at my website:


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