Front Porch- Quick Fix

Friday, May 25, 2012

Lately life has been crazzzyyyy....with the school year ending, and getting things done around the house, plus trying to keep up with yard work, and everything else that's going on... I feel like I'm running on a treadmill and getting nowhere! But with all that being said, the other day I was outside playing with the kiddos and realized how pathetic my front porch looks:( We have lived in our home for 5 years now and have never done ANYTHING to the porch. It just looks so bare and lonely... I knew that right now there is just wayyyy to much going on and not enough money to tackle any major porch renovations, but I did manage to spruce her up just a bit... take a look



So first things first, the kiddos and I planted some flowers in these super cute pots I purchased at the end of last summer at Rite Aid for only $1.24 each... such a steal:) 
I heart Rite Aid... you'll see why in a second....

I'm going to go on record and say that these aren't the cutest flowers in the world, but I really wanted to let Jonathon and Bella have fun helping so I let them choose... purple and orange it is!

Next I added this cute little table and chairs set that I also got from Rite Aid last year... and you aren't going to believe it but I only paid $3.75 for both chairs and the table:)
If you know me personally you know that my obsession with Rite Aid runs pretty deep!

This table and chairs is great because it doesn't take up that much space and the chairs are so comfy to sit on. I admit they aren't all that PRETTY... but you would be surprised how much a few throw pillows can really change the look....

I really should have put something on the table to spruce her up... oh well, there's always tomorrow

Not bad for about 10 minutes of planting and 30 minutes of sewing:) The porch is far from finished but I am super happy with the progress.

Still on the list for the porch is:
Find an inexpensive table and chairs
Add some decor
Get rid of the faux wicker glider
Add a swing (where the glider is now)
Take down the rails (maybe- still have to convince the hubby)
Change out the pillars (either get new ones or box in the existing ones to add some bulk)
Add a stain to the concrete
Paint the front door and the hardware
Paint the shutters on the entire house
New Door Mat (maybe DIY one with some color- depending what color we paint the door)

Oh, don't forget if you love the personalized hand painted burlap pillow you see on my porch, I am giving one away over at The Seeley Family...
there are still a few days left so head over there and enter to win!

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3 Responses to “Front Porch- Quick Fix”

  1. Looks great! I love the blue striped pillows.

    1. Thank you so much!!! Now I just need to decide on a new color for my shutters! Ugh!

  2. What a steal. I should go in Rite Aid more often.


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